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About Judy

My desire is to work with my clients to overcome their states of dis-ease through the prescription and use of homoeopathic remedies. I am interested in and use Flower Essences and Reflexology to complement homoeopathic treatment, when appropriate.I also utilise Reiki and kinesiology where agreed to by the client.

My own health issues and those of our children fuelled my interest in natural health. After reading all the books I could find on the subject and attending some short courses, I embarked on extramural study with the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. After the four-year course, I graduated with my Diploma in 1995.

As well as teaching and coordinating the Complementary Therapies course at Aoraki Polytechnic in Timaru for four years, I have worked hard to develop my Homoeopathic practice. I have a strong commitment to ongoing community and professional education in the philosophy and use of homoeopathic remedies.

In 1999, I was appointed South Island course co-ordinator for the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. My role, which includes classroom teaching, is to facilitate and manage the education and training of professional homeopaths at the Christchurch campus. It also involves teaching at the other college campuses in Tauranga and Auckland. The students study to achieve an NZQA Diploma of Homeopathy, over four years.BOPCOH is now CNHH - College of Natural Health and Homeopathy - and offers a range of other courses including the original updated homeopathic diploma. I am involved in academic development for CNHH, pastoral care of students and the South Island Campus and love to spread the word on how natural health choices can enhance wellbeing.

I have served a two-year term on the Executive of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (the professional body registering and maintaining standards of excellence amongst practising homoeopaths.

I completed my Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy in 2003, after two years postgraduate study. I also trained and became a reflexologist at this time and have spent two years on the Registration Committee for the professional reflexology body - Reflexology NZ. More recently I have trained in Reiki and introductory Kinesiology and utilise both of these in my practice as well when appropriate. I am an advocate of natural products and also utilise a variety of Flower Essences and the range of DoTerra oils for improved health should patients want that (for more information see the link on my Links page).

I now also hold an AromaTouch Certificate and would encourage you to try this fully relaxing and therapeutic application of oils on the back and shoulders. It truly is a treat and makes a great gift for a loved one!!

I feel fortunate to be able to work closely with a range of other health practitioners in the local area - a DPPT practitioner, energy-work practitioners, reflexologists, a naturopath,a kinesiologist, massage therapists, other homeopaths, and craniosacral therapist to name a few. As well as providing me with professional support, my patients also have access to these practitioners, as well as others, when necessary.

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