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Homoeopathy and You

I guess you are wondering what happens at an appointment and how a homoeopathic consultation might help you.

In my practice I treat a wide range of clients, ranging in age from a few days old to people in their 80's and 90's.

Clients visit for a variety of reasons - some for acute ailments which need immediate treatment, others for ongoing chronic problems and general health maintenance.


Because homoeopathy addresses the individual, homeopaths are interested in what is unique or troubling for each patient who comes for an appointment. A homoeopath is interested in changes in recurrent patterns and general energy as well as symptoms which are a change from the normal pattern of health or that seem troubling. Often an assessment of contributing factors in the child's environment can also be helpful to the homoeopath looking for an appropriate remedy. To maximize health, I recommend check-ups approximately twice yearly to assess whether the child is maintaining an optimum level of health and progressing as desired.


We all have increased levels of responsibility, pressure and change in our day to day lives and this often leads to health imbalances, which require attention. Most of us are committed to regular vehicle check-ups and increasingly, people are more aware of the need to care for themselves in a similar way, with systematic healthcare in order to maintain optimum health. A programme of regular attention to small physical or mental/emotional symptoms can be helpful. With this in mind, I try and encourage adults to make regular appointments for health maintenance.

Homoeopathic treatment focuses on the individual aspects of health and an initial consultation is for an hour, gathering a total picture of a person's health background and concerns, after which a prescription can usually be made. Unlike orthodox medicines, which are strong and act rapidly, homoeopathic treatment often initiates improvements at a slower but more steady and gentle pace and follow-ups are essential to ensure that progress can be built on at each appointment.

Generally, homoeopaths view the totality of symptoms of an individual, so all aspects of a persons make-up and function are considered rather than just one presenting complaint in isolation. Whichever approach is suited to you, the aim will be to work with you, including any other treatments or medications you may be taking, so that you can achieve your health goals.

Success in treatment varies from individual to individual and is not a quick fix. If you are considering making an appointment for homoeopathic treatment, feel free to contact me to discuss your unique situation in more detail.

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